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Registration for Spring 2017 classes begins December 12th!  Spring 2017 classes start on January 9th, 2017.   FREE ESL, Citizenship Prep in English and Spanish, and High School Diploma classes!  Distance Learning and GED also available.  Take the Preschool, Excel, QuickBooks, VESL, and any of the self-paced classes in CTEC.  The best deal in town!
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Career Technology Education

Career Technical Education


The Norwalk-La Mirada Adult School offers both traditional and self-paced career technical education courses.


Traditional Courses:


Students enroll at the beginning of the semester or session, begin class on the same date, meet the same day and time each week, and work on similar skills under a teacher-directed instructional setting. These classes are offered morning, afternoons, and evenings and are either 9-weeks or 18-weeks in length, depending on the course.



Self-Paced Courses in our Career Technical Education Center (CTEC)


Students enroll and begin class at any time of the year and work at their own pace under the direction of a teacher and paraprofessional.




The following are the traditional courses that we offer. Self-paced courses can be found under the Career Technical Education link.


This is our scheduled traditional classes  for Fall 2016: